What’s your plan?

Hour by hour, minute by minute
Clock hands are rushing in all possible unit

Emails and notifications surrounds all through the day
Can I stop dashing and find another way

Slow me down, take me aback
I need to breathe and have some chat

Here and there, in top most gear
Where am I going, I don’t have it clear

Let me say it, I am feeling awkward
Because there is no way, I can be like a bird

Well, this is life, I have realized
I take out time to see the sunrise

Admiring the nature and feeling the rain
Helps me get rid of stress and pain

You can be the same, explore the insane
The world is huge, what’s your plan?



The time of my life !!

It was a lazy evening.
Drawing my freshly ironed clothes near, I looked outside my bedroom window. Six days, that’s how much time has passed since that last night in London.
LONDON, City of dreams where we can make our own fairy-tales  a city that never sleeps. I still remember my first day, excited would be an understatement. It was so fun just to get up every day and be able to do whatever I wanted. Exploring new city, meeting new people, everyday dipping the wings in the orange sun rays and daring to claim the sky, it all drove me crazy!!
From a classy weather to non-stop iconic city life, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a place more alive with the hustle and bustle of tourists and locals alike before. Extremely wide and beautiful, it is a sight to behold. And THAMES RIVER CRUISE PARTY, it was the perfect end to the best bit.
I’d been waiting for my dreams to turn into something I could believe in. How perfect it went! It was magical!
Now the change is brewing. The scariest part about reaching one of your dreams is preparing to reach your next one. It’s awful to wake up every day thinking “Now what’s next?” It’s intimidating, but totally inspiring at the same time. I love this time, when you feel like a free bird leaping on the back of the wind that keeps floating around.
THE TIME OF MY LIFE ! Probably, the best time of my life.
I miss you London! See you soon 🙂