Exploding Technology

Today I lettered a new thing, actually a new type of writing and typing. Short-End, one of my associates Sanjeev introduced me to this practice. Long back in time, the Short-End kind of keying was too trendy, in which a person had to off pat the symbols, basically the shapes for any specific word. For example: let’s say the symbol hashtag (#) is a pattern for word ‘because’. Now every time I want to write the word ‘because’ I would use the character assigned to it. And following this custom I’ll ultimately note down the entire script so as to have detailed draft of any talk or a discussion penned as quickly as possible.

When I go back in time, 20 years ago, life seems challenging in lot of ways. At that time, there used to be no recorders, and there were no voice triggered systems, and not just that computers used to be a dream for normal people. Typewriters were in fashion then, with which you were not allowed to make mistakes, because a small blunder would then ruin your entire document as there were no delete or undo button in that machine. Life like that is unimaginable for us. I mean seriously, with having pocket computers all day and the facility of voice controlled systems surrounding us, I really doubt if we would ever be able to survive without the culture that we are living in right now.

Technology has not just advanced itself but also evolved humans in a crazy way. Today, our lives spin around a torrent of status updates, and 10 years back there were no Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. I reason that the power of technology is exponential, and the world I am living in, is better than any other.

Cheers to the power of Tech!


What’s your plan?

Hour by hour, minute by minute
Clock hands are rushing in all possible unit

Emails and notifications surrounds all through the day
Can I stop dashing and find another way

Slow me down, take me aback
I need to breathe and have some chat

Here and there, in top most gear
Where am I going, I don’t have it clear

Let me say it, I am feeling awkward
Because there is no way, I can be like a bird

Well, this is life, I have realized
I take out time to see the sunrise

Admiring the nature and feeling the rain
Helps me get rid of stress and pain

You can be the same, explore the insane
The world is huge, what’s your plan?


Micro to Nano to Pico!

Acquisitions and mergers have become an indispensable part of the corporate, and why not any investment (the logical one) would always bring more value and occasions to the organization. While thinking of logical investments, I consider Microsoft. In the last couple of weeks, I read some articles that Microsoft is planning to acquire LinkedIn. Well, that’s some news.

I always believed that important decisions generally have the more risks, are the most visible and brings the highest rewards. Microsoft believes the same and that’s why their list of decisions doesn’t seem pause, this time it’s LinkedIn. When I envisage window’s any acquisition, it takes me back in time to the year 2013 when the company acquired Nokia’s phone business. Microsoft was always about software and constantly maintained its distance from hardware manufacturing. Then, why did Ballmer think about having their own hardware? In that year smartphones were extremely in trend, he would have realized the importance of playing in that imperative market, and hence planned to integrate the system with better services. But are the services really improved? Who knows.

Today when I think of mobile phone industry and the computing industry, I can sense how much the world has changed. These days’ smartphone business is all about either Android phones or iPhones, which would not have been same if Nokia had begun to innovate and develop its crops modeled according to latest consumer needs.

How can Microsoft flop? Windows phone was supposed to be a good competitor; their billion-dollar plan had a great strategy then why is it not a success yet. I wonder if windows phone can ever become a triumph. Because presently there are not many people who would consider buying a Nokia smartphone device that is being crafted by Microsoft. There is a long way to go for the company to change the current industry dynamics.  Well, whatever happens to the phone business, if I ever have a list of ‘industries that fascinates me’, I would definitely have Microsoft in it, after Apple.

P.S. The World is going from Nano to Pico, where Micro would surely need a solid comeback if it wants to survive in this wild market.