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Udta Punjab

Do we, Indians, really need drugs to get high? #AnotherVerdict 

Udta Punjab’s mission looks to have succeeded even before its release, applaud to our judicial System and congrats to Udta Punjab Team. When the release has so much of drama, I wonder how much the film has got! Looking forward to watching the Movie.



Wuthering Verdict

After the whole long justice process, the much-awaited verdict came out. People are breaking into debates and media is running amok.

DRUNK > NO LICENSE > STILL DRIVING > LOSE CONTROL > CLIMBS TO FOOTPATH > RUNS ON PEOPLE > KILL THEM > ACCIDENT > HOMICIDE > CRIME  > XXXXX  Now, if you happen to be a celebrity of Salman Khan variety then only you can try on getting away with everything otherwise it’s an open and shut case since Day-One.

We all know the case; no one can justify the act or reduce the moment, then why to plead for mercy.

Many of us believe that charity can never cancel out the crime, hence justice. Wait! Is delayed justice, a justice! Why do in India we always have justice being delayed. There are criminals, rapist, and murderers roaming freely all around, and final judgment is yet to be announced. In #SalmanKhanCase finally, a verdict came out when the exact case is already faded away. FIVE YEARS IN JAIL. I thought the aim of the criminal law was never about punishing, harassing, or demoralizing the culprit but to reform making the person a better human. Khan, in last thirteen years, has come a long way and mended himself to be a better person, a compassionate human. Somewhere we all know that Salman will never commit such a crime again. THEN WHY JAIL?

And at this time, it ain’t easy to choose between the dilemma of bearing the judgment and bracing the individual. Therefore, I sensed an expression of acute responsibility in Alia Bhatt’s comment -“It hurts when your own are punished, even if they are in the wrong. We love you and are standing by you.”

What baffles me is that after roaming freely on bail for 13 dragged years, now comes a family driver saying he was at the wheel. Besides sacrifice being one effective method in Indian tradition, was this really a great thought on the part of defense. This is sure that owning up and Being-Human will never be needed as the road ahead is paved with possibilities. Khan can challenge the judgment in high & the highest courts apart from the other legal solutions. Also, the pace at which the decisions are coming out, and the way nation is rooting for him, he will never be put behind the bars.

I honor the fact that – law is flat for all and the wheels of justice must keep moving. Also, honor that Salman Khan will always be the unbeatable superhero, for all his loyal fans. It’s a mix of what is right and what is real, all complex.


There is much to this story till the case reaches to a logical end. Together let’s stay tuned!