Exploding Technology

Today I lettered a new thing, actually a new type of writing and typing. Short-End, one of my associates Sanjeev introduced me to this practice. Long back in time, the Short-End kind of keying was too trendy, in which a person had to off pat the symbols, basically the shapes for any specific word. For example: let’s say the symbol hashtag (#) is a pattern for word ‘because’. Now every time I want to write the word ‘because’ I would use the character assigned to it. And following this custom I’ll ultimately note down the entire script so as to have detailed draft of any talk or a discussion penned as quickly as possible.

When I go back in time, 20 years ago, life seems challenging in lot of ways. At that time, there used to be no recorders, and there were no voice triggered systems, and not just that computers used to be a dream for normal people. Typewriters were in fashion then, with which you were not allowed to make mistakes, because a small blunder would then ruin your entire document as there were no delete or undo button in that machine. Life like that is unimaginable for us. I mean seriously, with having pocket computers all day and the facility of voice controlled systems surrounding us, I really doubt if we would ever be able to survive without the culture that we are living in right now.

Technology has not just advanced itself but also evolved humans in a crazy way. Today, our lives spin around a torrent of status updates, and 10 years back there were no Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. I reason that the power of technology is exponential, and the world I am living in, is better than any other.

Cheers to the power of Tech!


happy rebirth, India!

When it stroke twice in the midnight hour
I glanced at our flag flutter in sovereign air
Saffron, white and green the colorway
Devotion for tri-color is an endless survey

Sixty-seven years ago was the time
Making tryst with destiny was so divine
Legendary were the paracetamol leaders
who allayed the fevers and were pain relievers

Every patriotic heart rejoices on this occasion
For this day being our most pride possession
Whichever our vocation, whatever the field
Glorious remains the prideful feel.

No wonder we achieved lots of galore to adore
Exploding crime and poverty is still a sore.
Average income of an Indian is not more than a pie
and our inflation rates luxuriously reaching the sky.

But let us not permit this to make ourselves sad
India is thoroughly independent, and we are glad.
Her pristine beauty and purity are eternal
Our love for India is greater than maternal.

And today in the paradise of freedom
Standing on the scared soil of wisdom,
Billion souls gather ’round and roar together
Happy rebirth to you India, our mother!

Happy Independence day. Jay Hind!