When life happens, perfectly :)

I am in awe of the way God orchestrated this lovingly lovable love story.

Saturday evening, a thing so ravishing encountered~ the hitch up! YES, that’s right an excited two-seventy-month-old is now engaged! If anyone asked me a year ago if I thought I would be where I am today, I would have laughed. I had never imagined myself taking a spike of getting into a relationship this soon, but sometimes life just happens and that is what I believe is perfect.

I flash back to the other day when I was standing right in front of the mirror thinking if I can put the ring on, trust me this amazing thought only made me feel so giddily that I couldn’t really wait for the actual moment to come. I didn’t know how to be a wife or how a husband is like. All I knew was that I wanted to spend my entire life with this amazingly HOT person, and everything else can be figured out with time. 

What to talk about the glory of that day…the sun had become dim; it was evening and excitement levels had risen to its zenith.

The story finally kicked off.

SHE~ beautifully dressed in sparkling neon took a deep breath and walked out the carpet along with her greatest brother who turned everything existing there in the brightest possible way. Everyone was running on to the side of the carpet to glance at the woman of the auspicious evening. Few feet away from the peachy view, a group of people with cameras and lights were videotaping and capturing EACH MOVE of this fantastic occasion, yes each move because wonderful memories go by quickly. Lights, colors, people, and that astonishing moment when the proud parents with a heart full of love and emotion watched their sweet little daughter walking towards the new chapter of her life…Adorable! It all looked classy and marshaled. 

In the midst of everything, everyone’s eyes got stuck for a while when the man in blue arrived. HE was brimmed with happiness. People watched them, he held her hand…she grinned at him and they together walked into the arena. By now, almost everyone seemed to have gathered to observe the ceremony. After few more minutes, it finally begun. The couple looked stunning; their faces were lighted up into the grand smile. Red color TIKA with Gudd-Dhaniya, whole tradition was properly followed. Nikita, beautiful lady dressed in white and pink, carried the delicate rings. First was her turn, and then was his. Bells and whistles. Love and commitment. Everyone was filled with excitement and wonder. And those continuous bursts of paper butterflies glorified the celebrations, what a festival! It was really a beautiful engagement. Also, it got emotional for a while as there were hugs and tears too. Everything worked out perfectly!

Newly engaged couple with blushing faces glanced at each other and went strolling all around. They were profoundly overcome by shaking hands and sweet blessings for new life. And rest of the time was blessed with a set up of special delights in that beautiful green vale, oh yes they chose the best place for this engagement session – a place that’s obviously going to hold many memories. Evening was extremely brilliant, and the story has just begun, stay tuned for the next phase.:) 

Flashh! I felt like I’m building an imaginary fairy tale story while penning down the engagement ^_^ My head is currently in clouds, as I am almost in disbelief that I finally found the one I had been admiring in my dreams, the man that I am marrying. Truly, it gives me a beautiful feeling every time I look at my pretty little ring. I love it, the most beautiful thing. Thanks, Abhijeet. I don’t think I have ever been that crazy, ridiculously joyful or surprised! It was right in that moment that I saw the rest of my life before my eyes…my wildest dreams coming true, all with you. Xx 



Keeping pace with time is the panacea that take you to the zenith of glory!
Every year is a significant milestone, a time and a moment to celebrate. Thus, was the birth of the Big Event BAMBINO. It’s the annual event organized with the goal to provide a range of activities that help each one to learn more about latest to the changing world we live in.
Bambino is aptly named; it’s a perfectly blended story of the incessant efforts, eloquent expressions, innovative ideas, styles and indicative talent. It’s like the morning glory flowers which open with the rise of the sun. This scrambling annual event left the Bounds: Beating, songbirds: singing, and our audience: thrilling, all because of the performers who worked their way into a universe of hearts by presenting the magnificent splendor of delicate yet lofty dances. Live performances, food vendors, and raffle prizes everything went perfectly. And the glorious fall weather was excellent for the show. 
No doubt, it took a lot of hard work in bringing the vision of this event to a reality. All of those lessons learned, best practices, knowledge and skills were implemented at the event day. Choreography, event management, costumes, probes, invitations, guest lists, anchors, volunteers and on top of everything helping each one to learn and remember the moves, dividing the work, keeping faith in people, allotting work, it all took more than forty five days to reach the day of pride.
Ultimately, the event was a great success – performers were really enthusiastic and went all intimate-style, peppering the foyer outside the classroom in a long streak of dynamics. The credit for the success also goes to the management and the technical coordinators who helped in organizing and delivering this. However, the true success of the program has always been our people. Drawing a crowd in this industry is no easy feat but we managed to pull together the biggest crowd, YES! Our event drew a whopping audience. Walkers of all ages joined us at the Evening of Gratitude.
Also, Success of the event relies heavily upon the shoulders of the anchors; they contributed in a manner that is sincere and compassionate. Applaud to our anchors! Not forgetting the committee volunteers who helped a lot with parking, security, welcoming and maintaining the decorum, among other things.
Function commenced with marching bands and guards at the Rampage for the welcoming of the guests, followed by the lightening of the lamp and ganesh vandana. It worked out exactly the way it was planned. We had lots of events like the Hippodrome, blue kidocrats, party freaks, Story of puppets, pride of Rajasthan, Street dance, and many more including the sparkling mega show. Of all the events held, Satyagrah was by far the most popular. Also, we received significant interest in RAMAYANA from audience. And finally, the event pulled off with the celebration of ‘festival of lights’ with those festive firecrackers, which made the story engrossing. The entire event moved pretty smoothly. 
I learned to work under that level of high stress as I stood there near the stage, screaming at the performers to hurry, also stooped down for helping anchors, even managed going backstage for boosting the toddlers while the show was happening.
Events are always favorite times of mine; here I embarked on an incredible eye-opening experience. I thank and felicitate each member who has worked for it and has contributed to the betterment in some way or the other; we couldn’t do it without you!
The real struggle will be to keep up with everything. 🙂