Understand the Law.

Sure, everyone agrees that it is extraordinarily important for us to understand Law & Order to the way of life. Before I start this post, in my fairness I declare that I am neither a Lawyer, nor do I understand Law like a professional. This writing is just another script which can guide you through the right side of the law.

Recently I came across few legal acts of which I thought people aren’t aware. I believe, a women today needs more security than ever before, she needs to know what to do if she is pulled over. Or any person who is going through the kind of drama in life, which needs more than emotional understanding, can help from the law specifics.

For an instance, if you are frustrated in life and planning a suicide? Wait, you need to think again. According to the Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code Suicide Is Legal in India subject to the careful planning and execution. In case any person fails to die, the person will be prosecuted. 

Another significant law that every women needs to know is Right to No Arrest. According to a Supreme Court ruling, a woman cannot be arrested or questioned after sunset and before sunrise. Even if there is a woman constable accompanying the officers, the police can’t arrest a woman at night. In case the woman has committed a serious crime, the police requires to get it in writing from the magistrate explaining why the arrest is necessary during the night.
So my ladies, next time you are driving late in the night, and a policeman stops you, you know what you have to do.

Another important law is Land Acquisition Act, 1894 according to which, the Government can forcefully acquire your land anytime under the grounds of constructing public buildings in the name of public welfare. I know this one is unfair, but still it’s a Law.

Besides, there are several unreasonable laws in this country.

Everyone knows The Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949 under which you cannot manufacture, sell or consume any alcohol. This has no relevance with you until you are in Gujarat State of India because Alcohol is a complete ban here with an exemption of 30 days special permit to Foreigners and NRI. For that reason, people also named Gujarat  as a dry state.

It’s not just Gujarat, Maharashtra has a fancy Law as well. The next time you visit a bar in Maharashtra, and someone asks for an id-proof, don’t praise yourself in-front of the mirror thinking how young you look. Because this silly Law in Maharashtra positions that the legal drinking age is 25 years and above. The real clash here is how a citizen can have the right to elect the Government at 18 years of age but is not considered mature enough to decide whether he/she wants to consume alcohol or not. Foolish, isn’t it!

Last but not the least, deals with cohabitation. The dilemma of Live-in relationship is in trend. Though our country has not accepted the live-in culture yet, as long as both the adults are ready to stay together, it is totally legal to stay Live-in. Furthermore, live-in relationships are considered to be equal to marriage if certain conditions are met. This act is aimed to protect women under the Domestic Violence Act.

All for now, this post explains few examples framing the legal side of day-today events happening around us. So the next time you’re caught up in something, do find out if you are on the right side of the Law. It should surely help in your decision.