Boundless & Infinite!

I want to walk through something wild, something courageous, something true. I want to stay away from gadgets. I want to sit by the window when it rains and read books. I want to live simply. I want to pretend when I want to. I want to listen to my body. I want to write and paint. I want to fall asleep when the moon is high. I want to shout a loud. I want to love someone. I want to wake up slowly one morning with no place to rush off. I want to have tea and not coffee. I want to watch movies. I want to ignore some people. I want to light a candle and pray for peace. I want to go to the beach in the rains. I want to climb mountains. I want to explore the nature and walk through the wild. I want to have the luxury of living the life. I want to because I want to.

My story shouldn’t be calm, but boundless and infinite.


To, Minu Didi

We love you, love you, love you a lot
We mean it either we told you or not
The amount of love you have given to us
You knew that it was never ever enough
We see you in front of our eyes
All day all night and over the sky
The stars up there are so bright to-night
Celebrating for you accepted their invite
As cute as a small baby ‘n as sweet as sugar
You’ve always been spreading so much cheer
We were praying for having you good again
But not ready to see you in so much pain
Wish we could meet you one last time
This is the biggest sorrow we have in mind
Everything happens for a reason
We now have someone to keep an equal vision
May peace be with you and you be with us
Doesn’t matter if anything is easy or tough
No matter how quick the time flies and how things change
Our hearts will always have a lady with so much radiance.

Endlessly Smitten~

Twenty-two years old. It means I have entered twenty-three. And twenty-three is almost 25, which is like the mid-20s. Well, I am in my perfect age again!

Before anything, I wonder where did the last couple of years go! Since I was in my teen I dug my nose in the books which helped me in getting the first couple A’s in my life, Singing and dancing my heart out, catching up with friends, dining out with family, snuggling on the couch while watching movies, long phone conversations with random friends, caring for attendance, then that evening when I walked to my college graduation followed by LONDON ^_^ It was all going okay; and all of a sudden I took the brave chance to join my dad’s business. Oldie enough, but this made my life take a new special turn. Oh yes, here it goes for how my new year started. Check out!

My peers believe that I was fortunate enough to grow up quite quickly as I never knew that I would be where I am today. I have always loved being by myself, my own breath is all I have always heard, but the other day, to be specific, the 13th day of February, I got along with the most incredible sensation. It will take a novel to explain the full significance of the whole event; however I would love to state how it exactly started.

It began with a short drive which was fueled purely by beauty; yes a little colloquy and then was the time when HE pulled the car into OUR drive and stopped at the end, a two-story castle! Where I met everyone, The Family! Everything that happened then gave me a mixed feeling, well to be true – cloud nine was touched! What next, another short drive. Now it was my turn, I took my foot off the brake pedal, the car moved forward and we made our way down the drive and went right to the restaurant, an indirect celebration for the biggest thing! We got out of the car, he smiled down at me with a wail..ya I left the car headlights ON. Argh:) First-time dinner with the family, incredibly awesome!

Nothing was planned yet it went so perfect! But that was just the beginning.. the time I am living now is the best of all possible worlds. I feel absolutely privileged! I don’t realize how the entire day goes by when I’m immersed in conversation.

Abhijeet, my world has become more beautiful, and you are the reason why!

I have never told this to you but the first thing I noticed about you was your astonishing smile, that soft expression, complimented by deep eyes that spoke volumes, it all drew me in, and since then you haven’t left my mind. I dunno when I got so sure about you, but I know that I’m all sure now- you are the one who makes me think, feel, reflect! The one who will feed my soul. I just never realized when it went so deep. It’s like I’ve known you my whole life. When you first grinned at me and I shook my head..made a complete expression that it’s gonna be alright. Unseen but eternal. Pure and magical. Moments I cherish the most! Also, when we let the music do the talking, have no words to put them here!

I feel fortunate for they chose you to stick around for the rest of my life. Happiest and blessed beyond measure! You mean the world to me. I love you more than words can say.

Your biggest fan!

Time to reach for my favorite chocolate..TADA!

Exordium !

Where do I begin, where do I end!
I am soaked in a crazy bliss, with a bit of prejudice. 

Clad in my best clothes, I look deep into the mirror
And think of what is yet to come!
What I sense is a shift in the breeze behind
And hear voices in back of my mind.

Recovering my scattered ponders,
I start remembering the majesty of that day..

When I saw a face full of grace, and those strong hands
Can’t forget how confident he stands.
As I looked at him with my eyes open
I was left with just a few words spoken.

I am born in the world of desire
Until now I was in my own being, lost in my humdrum!

Well I know I’m someone’s property
That’s the reason for my wide eyes with worry.
Indeed someone else is going to be my Identity
Abiding thinking what life would bring to me.

Now a strong wind of change is blowing my way
and it’s making my every step much harder to take.
For I am really glad- this beautiful thing happened,
I need to relax, breathe and embrace this change.

Still sometimes I think it’s not going the route I planned
I have been thinking about this every day and night.
But a day like today can change my entire universe
Therefore, I wish on a star asking this new world to rhyme.

Here comes my leisure
Where I indulge in this worthwhile trade!

It forever starts in a particular fashion,
It is fiercely different with me the way it happened.
As I marched ahead, hymning in the sun
Treasure was amassed and respect was dredged.

After all the chaos I stretch, turn and twist
I know it outshines of that entire one could ever wish.
The words he will couch will make my day better
The warmth he will spread will make the bleak softer

So, from the cradle I blaze the glorious hitch up
Wish could see your flare face after this whoop up!

Because grandpa told me so..

This evening I realized that life is really tough when reality becomes very real.

I promised him I wouldn’t cry when it was his time to leave,
That’s the only promise I made him I couldn’t keep..


October the twenty-seven always stirs up the saddest of memories for me and my family. It is exactly two years ago, that I lost one of the most important person in my life, my paternal grandfather, and ironically, the twenty-seventh day of October in 2011 was a New Year according to the Hindi calendar.

Remembering my grandpa is like taking a walk through my childhood years and getting mesmerized by all the fantastic stories of past. Those small memories, stories that were just between me and my bade-papa (this is what I used to call my grandpa). The truly special ones!

I don’t want to believe that he’s gone. But I need to honor the process, the absolute truth, death. He is a true icon, not even cessation of his life can take him away. Yet, as long as I can reminisce on the good times and go back to the lessons learned, my grandparents will never really leave.

His that last kiss on my forehead, I can never ever forget that! I know bade-papa would be watching us, along with badi-mumy, and our love will reach the sky and Let them know how special they are!

I love you both, and miss you really!

Adorable Girl-friends!

Well, I was 17 when I kick started my Engineering in Jaipur. And that’s when my indigenous four years begun, where everything was unscripted and unplanned. I met beautiful people from everywhere and chose few of them with whom I could share stories and spend my time with, FRIENDS!

This post is dedicated to all those beautiful ladies I met during my four years, who need to know how special they are to me!


It began with DRISH, the first girl I met in jaipur. And yes she is the bestesssstest friend of my entire college life. All the four years went so crazy all because of her; we started exploring our college and the new city all together. She was my Roommate, Classmate, Bench mate and everything thing to me then. We have eaten together, slept together, studied, had a bath together, washed clothes, played, gone to the canteen, college, mess, library even bunked classes, stolen files, anchored together (this time’s fashion show was my personal favorite). Our dance, movies and all the things I’ll miss all of it. Will never forget how seniors “Vishakha and Deepti” shouted at us for singing so laaaooud at night, we were actually very loud that night, especially when we were singing “my immortal”:DD


Then, I had this very cool group; we were seven, very famous in college. Always seen together, made stories together and were really Awesome! And the bond is now unbreakable. I remember those beautiful days, when mornings were always smiling especially the weekend mornings. The amount we cared for each other, is the most special part. I will never forget that night when we watched Exorcism of Emily Rose!! Our hours long gossip sessions. It was Real Fun. It was Fabulous. It was an Adventure!

Here I unfold the very fragile and my most favorite ladies of all times

Our very own Cinderella who just knew three words in hindi DHUMRA-PAN, SUPUTRA and MOOTRA-VISARJAN, The Prude – Drishti Law! Drish you are the best. And I love you always.

After attending college the whole day when everyone used to be almost dead and energy-less  mini was the one who always used to keep us alive, with the gossips and sometimes we used to get in some good humor! She is the one who had her own philosophy “she’ll put grasshoppers blood into any human and then doctors will think how is this happening but no-one will never understand how this happened, so NEW INVENTION, phew!” our scientist, the activist and a feminist – Meenal Rajawat!

The girl with 478621 titles! Miss Adieu, Miss Panache and many more! The very hot, party freak, TT Champion, and the celeb – Yashvi Poonia! Poonia you are my INDIAN PRINCESS FOREVER!

Our amazingly beautiful geek, who wears a Mine craft-themed t-shirt, sleeps a lot, and knows how to spiral things in her control – Our Miss Talented – Aishwarya!

The most Safaiholic girl, who does pooja each day and is our smiling inspiration. She has been the lame queen of all times, The FRAT RAT – Ravneet Raiyat!

And now comes our social butterfly. She is the one whose life is a bit dimensional, The Socialite and yes over-committer at times – Satinder! MOTU :p

All those days when we were together, watched movies together, our payjama parties, LG’s out, outings, canteen food, I miss it all. Those rigorous 9 hours and then back to hostel, but still had energy to Chit-o-chat, how crazy we were! It was the time when wafers and cold drinks used to be our food every day, we went to every place together, went for late night parties, even got up early morning for the BASKETBALL practices, oh yes, and how confidently we used to go to play TABLE-TENNIS, HAHA our champion yashvi, all credits for TT and those fashion shows goes to you. We made fun of each other, loved each other, inspired and motivated each other whenever required, and went crazy with each other. I miss all that, a lot! We had all the fun, there were tough times though. Attending those lectures, submissions, exams, practical, assignments but we did it and I’m so freaking proud of us. Love you all, A LOT!!


Apart from my college friends, made these sweetest friends NEHA, SHUBHANGI and CHINI. You were the best people I stayed with! 🙂 CHINI, all I want to say to you is I miss you, really truly!

Then I had this group of people around BHANU, NITI, SHIKHA and another SHIKHA (basically two shikhas) and HIMANI (cutest of all), you guys were the best.

Going at random places was always on the top of our fuss list! I still remember the day when that police people caught us for we were not wearing the helmet. Trust me those rides with you were the craziest of all. I remember the day when you came from Mumbai, I was sleeping and how you SAT ON ME, yes you did that :/, and hugged me so tight. Aww, I miss you HIMANIi!

And the best jodi award goes to BHANU and NITI! Can never ever forget how madly we used to talk till 5 in the morning every day. Those Letters, Cards, Gifts and all the things you gave me, means a lot. On top of everything your love will be remembered and the moments spent together will be cherished always. Thank you for being so nice and making our friendship so special. Love!

SHIKHA, you know how much I love your height. Wish mein thodi aur badi hoti 😀 And the other SHIKHA. What to say about her. Her favorite DHAMKI “mein poison kha lungi” haha that was fun. After she is gone to bombay the little girl has become so busy. I miss you both and miss that Perfect Cup of Coffee! :p

The sweetest stupid thing – SHIVANGI!! It was all going good; we had the great time together. But then she went to pune and long distance relationships!! Wish we could stay together for longer. You are missed more than anyone! Love you!

SWATI-APRAJITA-AISHWARYA! No, how can I forget the bestest of all the things. You guys were truly mad. Those long highway drives. SWATI, you have no idea how much I miss your RED-FIGO, I still love her. Best was the day when we stopped at some random THADI at Delhi highway, and that guy came to us asking for the ‘help’ HAHAHA!!

After all that beautiful things I went to pune! I shall talk about that part later. But must mention POOJA DI and NEHA the most amazingly caring ladies! I Love you both! 🙂


Other then all these lovely people there were so many around who helped me survive throughout these years. ANTIMA, CHAHETI, DEEPIKA, INDU, ASHA, BHASKAR, HEENA, ANJANA, ADITI, MONIKA(who made all the moments so funny), FALGUNI, AKANSHA, NISIHA. You all will always be remembered.

And the very intelligent, Miss FRESHERS of our batch- Avni Sharma, her roll number was just before mine so we always gave all the exams together. I learned cheating so well with her. All those times when she used to say “I have already studied all this, tu ye padhle” BEST!! Microprocessor wasn’t that easy, but I got 79. A credit goes to SHRUTI DI. Thank you so much! And the other exams of my 5th semester were not that tough, all because of you UTTARA. Thanks Man!

I spent one of the greatest times with this girl ANKITA, due to our attendance issues we used to go college and sit for the whole day doing nothing. :DD #Memories  How can I forget those end moment studies with you RAVIZA! And that moment when you called me ALKA and said “WAH AYUSHI, College mein first Company for the placement and you are placed!! ” You were the first one to inform Alka And I was on CLOUD NINE, i swear! Thanks, Will always remember you. JULIE-the Cutest thing. No Julie, I’m never gonna forget how madly we planned for our Graduation Party! HAHA :p


Lastly, these beautiful people PRIYANKA (PD) and RASHMI (Rash), my flat mates! Oh yes, my favorite bitches of all the time. You guys know my ugliest side. When I’m sad, you were always there to make sure I’m okay. Even though we disagree sometimes, we never fight. Thank you for always being there. We Cooked, we bitched, we talked about everything all together. Our late night walks! Awesome! Miss it all.

PD, we shared so much. You never say NO for anything, love that thing of you! I’m the biggest fan of your acting. Trust me the best thing about you is YOU so, be the same always! And Rash, you are truly adorable. Your dedication towards your studies motivates me a lot :’) I can never forget Dec’12, the best time spent with you. I’m always going to cherish those beautiful moments. Love!


World’s greatest girl-friends, who made me laugh louder, smile brighter and live better!

Friends Forever ❤ It’s a promise, not a label!