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Udta Punjab

Do we, Indians, really need drugs to get high? #AnotherVerdict 

Udta Punjab’s mission looks to have succeeded even before its release, applaud to our judicial System and congrats to Udta Punjab Team. When the release has so much of drama, I wonder how much the film has got! Looking forward to watching the Movie.



Let’s Hope Realpolitik!

Politics – isn’t the word appealing and frightening at the same time. I have seen people taking a step back when they hear about government and politics. I did not know the most reputable word of the country would sound so terrific to most people.

Politicians come and go, the crown endures. This interesting saying applies well to the Indian Political System. Despite having the legendary heroes who selflessly contributed throughout their lives, we do not sense the satisfaction while speaking about the governance. Looking at the current scenario, someone has to try and build up the reputation of reform for the actual growth of the nation. I believe, the epic Prime Minister Narendra Modi walk tall over any other politician for that matter. This is just an opinion; perhaps I am not any political blogger.

These political thoughts arrived in my head during my recent visit to Mumbai where I experienced this breathtaking adventure of driving on the Bandra-Worli Sea link. It is indeed one of the most astonishing landmarks of the country. Pure Magic! What caught my attention was the block lettered blue color welcome board ‘RAJIV GANDHI SEA LINK’; like really? It looks like a tradition in India where all the very important assets of the country need to be named after the Gandhi family. Indira Gandhi International Airport, Rajiv Gandhi National Park, Indira Gandhi Stadium, and list continue. I wonder why is it so, Political power is the answer.

Well in my fairness, I totally honor the decisions and undoubtedly Gandhi family has given us some extraordinarily skilled politicians; and unfortunately gave us Rahul Gandhi. With having Rahul Gandhi as a leader I am not sure if Congress can really bounce back to the current situation. Also, where majors like Digvijay Singh and Shashi Tharoor are raising the voice against the trend, clearly the party needs some serious modifications.

Wait! That’s not my cynosure here. How much effect the government has on the country or its people. When I talk effect I mean development. A few days back I watched President Obama talking about the letter he received with a list of possible women to put on the dollar bills. I think that’s one of the most powerful ideas to execute in the nation where we strongly favor women empowerment. We have had some legendary females who fought incredibly hard for the nation’s right.  Then why not in India, instead of featuring only Mahatma Gandhi’s face, we use the women portraits on the Indian currency. The reason would again be Politics, may be!

That’s all a bunch of random opinions and I know there are many such opinions and concerns, which bothers thousands of us every day. All that we can and we should do is ‘Trust Our Government’ and ‘Raise Our Opinion’ to create the real difference. Let’s hope realpolitik!

happy rebirth, India!

When it stroke twice in the midnight hour
I glanced at our flag flutter in sovereign air
Saffron, white and green the colorway
Devotion for tri-color is an endless survey

Sixty-seven years ago was the time
Making tryst with destiny was so divine
Legendary were the paracetamol leaders
who allayed the fevers and were pain relievers

Every patriotic heart rejoices on this occasion
For this day being our most pride possession
Whichever our vocation, whatever the field
Glorious remains the prideful feel.

No wonder we achieved lots of galore to adore
Exploding crime and poverty is still a sore.
Average income of an Indian is not more than a pie
and our inflation rates luxuriously reaching the sky.

But let us not permit this to make ourselves sad
India is thoroughly independent, and we are glad.
Her pristine beauty and purity are eternal
Our love for India is greater than maternal.

And today in the paradise of freedom
Standing on the scared soil of wisdom,
Billion souls gather ’round and roar together
Happy rebirth to you India, our mother!

Happy Independence day. Jay Hind!