What’s your plan?

Hour by hour, minute by minute
Clock hands are rushing in all possible unit

Emails and notifications surrounds all through the day
Can I stop dashing and find another way

Slow me down, take me aback
I need to breathe and have some chat

Here and there, in top most gear
Where am I going, I don’t have it clear

Let me say it, I am feeling awkward
Because there is no way, I can be like a bird

Well, this is life, I have realized
I take out time to see the sunrise

Admiring the nature and feeling the rain
Helps me get rid of stress and pain

You can be the same, explore the insane
The world is huge, what’s your plan?



Endlessly Smitten~

Twenty-two years old. It means I have entered twenty-three. And twenty-three is almost 25, which is like the mid-20s. Well, I am in my perfect age again!

Before anything, I wonder where did the last couple of years go! Since I was in my teen I dug my nose in the books which helped me in getting the first couple A’s in my life, Singing and dancing my heart out, catching up with friends, dining out with family, snuggling on the couch while watching movies, long phone conversations with random friends, caring for attendance, then that evening when I walked to my college graduation followed by LONDON ^_^ It was all going okay; and all of a sudden I took the brave chance to join my dad’s business. Oldie enough, but this made my life take a new special turn. Oh yes, here it goes for how my new year started. Check out!

My peers believe that I was fortunate enough to grow up quite quickly as I never knew that I would be where I am today. I have always loved being by myself, my own breath is all I have always heard, but the other day, to be specific, the 13th day of February, I got along with the most incredible sensation. It will take a novel to explain the full significance of the whole event; however I would love to state how it exactly started.

It began with a short drive which was fueled purely by beauty; yes a little colloquy and then was the time when HE pulled the car into OUR drive and stopped at the end, a two-story castle! Where I met everyone, The Family! Everything that happened then gave me a mixed feeling, well to be true – cloud nine was touched! What next, another short drive. Now it was my turn, I took my foot off the brake pedal, the car moved forward and we made our way down the drive and went right to the restaurant, an indirect celebration for the biggest thing! We got out of the car, he smiled down at me with a wail..ya I left the car headlights ON. Argh:) First-time dinner with the family, incredibly awesome!

Nothing was planned yet it went so perfect! But that was just the beginning.. the time I am living now is the best of all possible worlds. I feel absolutely privileged! I don’t realize how the entire day goes by when I’m immersed in conversation.

Abhijeet, my world has become more beautiful, and you are the reason why!

I have never told this to you but the first thing I noticed about you was your astonishing smile, that soft expression, complimented by deep eyes that spoke volumes, it all drew me in, and since then you haven’t left my mind. I dunno when I got so sure about you, but I know that I’m all sure now- you are the one who makes me think, feel, reflect! The one who will feed my soul. I just never realized when it went so deep. It’s like I’ve known you my whole life. When you first grinned at me and I shook my head..made a complete expression that it’s gonna be alright. Unseen but eternal. Pure and magical. Moments I cherish the most! Also, when we let the music do the talking, have no words to put them here!

I feel fortunate for they chose you to stick around for the rest of my life. Happiest and blessed beyond measure! You mean the world to me. I love you more than words can say.

Your biggest fan!

Time to reach for my favorite chocolate..TADA!

You mean a lot!

My first post here to one of the closest person in my life my CHINI. You are one of those best things happened to me. I really can not mention all of it but to start with you are the one who was always there for me, doesn’t matter what.

You are really truly special to me. And trust me I’m going to miss you like anything. I’ll miss all the things we have done together our happy rides, those evening walks, stupid dances, paintings, movies, shopping, shows, TAPRI, chaisa, replay, statue, crossword, COFFEE, “Bais-Godam” (one of the most happiest place for us :D) and on top of everything our evening tea and how I used to make it worst for you all the time, okay that’s between you and me (not mentioning), but then too you was always good to me, Also we cooked hundreds of feast in our most messy kitchen ever, HALWA (never be forgotten), it was always perfect and delicious. And that night (Ritika’s birthday), oh yes, that’s the craziest of all the crazy things we have done together. I remember how madly we used to play those FACEBOOK games, GTA-vice city, MARIO (unforgettable), and other silly games. That was fun, I swear!! But my favorite part of the whole – THE GRAFITY WALL!! Best!

I’ll miss it all always. You are like a family to me now, from my food, clothes to all other stuff you took care of everything every time. You exactly know what all I like and what I don’t like. I truly don’t know anyone here who can care like you do. You are like a sister, a mother, a friend with whom I can share anything and everything and someone who always understood me even when I did not speak a word. You were always a helping hand whenever I used to get mixed up with my things. You stopped me from doing the wrong things and showed the right way.

Thank you for you were always there to listen to my bakbak, I know I was like a windbag to you and yes! you are a pretty good listener. Trust me you are one of those few people I adore and cherish. No matter how many friends I have and no matter where I go, you will always be the most special person I have ever had. I know your heart would be so full of love the moment you’ll read this. :)Thank you for everything!Be the same. Love!