Boundless & Infinite!

I want to walk through something wild, something courageous, something true. I want to stay away from gadgets. I want to sit by the window when it rains and read books. I want to live simply. I want to pretend when I want to. I want to listen to my body. I want to write and paint. I want to fall asleep when the moon is high. I want to shout a loud. I want to love someone. I want to wake up slowly one morning with no place to rush off. I want to have tea and not coffee. I want to watch movies. I want to ignore some people. I want to light a candle and pray for peace. I want to go to the beach in the rains. I want to climb mountains. I want to explore the nature and walk through the wild. I want to have the luxury of living the life. I want to because I want to.

My story shouldn’t be calm, but boundless and infinite.


What’s your plan?

Hour by hour, minute by minute
Clock hands are rushing in all possible unit

Emails and notifications surrounds all through the day
Can I stop dashing and find another way

Slow me down, take me aback
I need to breathe and have some chat

Here and there, in top most gear
Where am I going, I don’t have it clear

Let me say it, I am feeling awkward
Because there is no way, I can be like a bird

Well, this is life, I have realized
I take out time to see the sunrise

Admiring the nature and feeling the rain
Helps me get rid of stress and pain

You can be the same, explore the insane
The world is huge, what’s your plan?


A Cyborg ^_^

A Cyborg is the one that could do anything and everything it wants to. Wish I could become a cyborg anytime I wanted, one like a BATMAN and then be able to do many things I can’t do now, could travel the world. HAH!

Is that ever possible? I think it would be fun to be a cyborg, I mean I would have internet connection in my head then, and would be in demand too!! 😀

Or maybe I have had a friend one like that who would keep a check on my things, clean my room, Cook delicious and healthy meals for me, protect me, take me anywhere I want to go at anytime, screen and field my calls, do my things when I feel lazy doing them, answer my e-mails, keep a calendar for me, even act as a reminder.

I just thought about having my cyborg write blog posts for me, but realized I enjoy that too much!

I would name my cyborg as “World’s Greatest Secretary” and what if in return it would mutter, I’m not a secretary! 😀

Anyway, I love doing my things at my own and don’t like others doing it. So, life without a cyborg is even COOLER, I doubt! 😛